Friday, March 6, 2015

Featuring the not so featureable....

     Can I tell you a secret? I might be a closet narcissist.  Before taking the photojournalism class at Wayne State University, I knew, just knew that I was a good photographer. I was wrong. The problem is manual mode and I freaked out on this feature assignment and I was not alone.

     When using your camera on manual there are three things you have to worry about. F-Stop, aperture and shutter speed are a must to master and unless you are using a program or the automatic setting, there is no way that you can take an in focus, well-lighted picture without them.  Consequently, these are not amazing but they are the best I could do with the tools I have at this time. 

Melissa Malfroid teaches the basics of painting during Painting with WSU at the Majestic Cafe in Midtown Detroit.

Derett Guyton, a sophomore media arts major and Jada Johnson, a sophomore theater arts major, attends Painting with WSU at the Majestic Cafe in Midtown Detroit.

William Alexander is Parlimentarian in the WSU student senate and is pursuing departmental honors in secondary Spanish and English as a second language education in the College of Education. Budget cuts was the main topic concerning the different schools and the meeting was held at the Undergraduate Library. 

Sophomore Joe Fresard, representing the law school for WSU's student senate meeting at WSU's Undergraduate Library. He is a law student at Wayne State University and is from St. Clair Shores. 

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