Saturday, May 2, 2015

May I have this dance???

       This assignment challenged me in a way that the others did not. In order to catch all the poignant moments of a girl's first dance, I had to be quick on my feet and quick with the camera.  I am still learning about the controls of the camera during manual mode which made shooting the dance extremely difficult since the dance was so dark, not that you can tell from the pictures. 

We used Audacity to edit the audio that we used to put together on Adobe Premier Pro to form a movie consisting of pictures with audio in the background. 

I am not happy with the final product but I am going to redo the whole thing and I will repost it. A couple of the pictures were so big that you can only see part of it. But I tried!!! I sure did! 

I have loved taking this class and learned a crazy amount of information. I am in awe of how talented the instructors are at Wayne State University in Midtown, Detroit. 

Thank you Lori King for everything!!!